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Bunch in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Bunch in a dream symbolizes a sense of community and belonging to someone or something. In a negative sense, it may also indicate the need to free oneself from negative feelings.
    to be a member of some group - you will have to face a problem that you cause yourself
    lead it - you are ready to face your opponents
    be afraid of her - with time you forget that the people around you will be happy to help you in your need, as long as you ask them to do so
    be attacked by her - you feel that you are slowly losing your individuality
    a group of dangerous animals - a warning not to associate with a shady company
    group of children - you cannot deal with a minor but irritating problem
    group of men - you feel overwhelmed or confused by something, you think you have found yourselfin a position with no exit
    group of women - you will become the object of gossip
    to see her in a public place - you feel lonely, you miss those belonging to the group
    see in front of your house - in the near future you can expect family disagreements
    chase her away - you will manage resolve any conflict.

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