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As a global means of communication, the satellite that appears in dreams symbolizes the desire to communicate on a large scale. A satellite is usually placed on another planet to collect a given amount of information. This particular dream sends a message to become more extroverted for your own convenience and connect with more people. The dream about a satellite emphasizes the essence of interpersonal relations, it is a symbol of communication and mutual dialogue. Dreams about a satellite are generally associated with the development of modern technology, especially in the field of communication. Therefore, you should ask yourself what message you want to hear or convey from a distance. The dream interpretation explains that the satellite symbolizes well-functioning connections, which means that you are probably aware of the influence of other people on you and the environment in which you live. Satellite can also herald birth, marriage, baptism or other important and positive events in your life. Satellite is also a symbol of abundance.

What does it mean to dream about SATELLITE?

A natural satellite that appears in dreams is a sign that you need the guidance and advice of wise people to survive the perturbations of life, otherwise you will continue to fight and nothing good will come out of your efforts.

The artificial satellite is a harbinger of fruitful work that you will be able to achieve thanks to innovative methods that you will implement into your life.

The view of satellite sends a message that a friend will give you a good tip for working on the fusions that will make your life very promising in the long run.

Communicating via satellite could mean you become addicted to another person, possibly your partner. Since one partner always dominates the relationship, the dream satellite can represent the less dominant partner.

If you dream that you have a satellite on your property, it is an announcement that you will become a loner without support, which will make it difficult for you to complete even simple tasks.

Placing a satellite on another planet in your dreams is a sign that no matter what success in your life, it will only be possible for you if you are outside the network of people around you.

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