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Wagtail in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The wagtail in dreams should be viewed as a warning sign that something bad may happen in your life. Wagtail is a symbol of the unpredictable side of life and an expression of instability and balance. If you have difficulties in your life, a great way to overcome them is to talk to other people who have had similar experiences in the past, they can help you.
    If the wagtail was small, it means that your positive fever due to numerous changes in your life will also affect others.
    When a wagtail flies towards you in a dream, it means that you will take part in an unusual and extremely crazy venture that will be widely echoed in your immediate surroundings.
    When you dream that the wagtail was large, then by a magic twist of fate you will quickly achieve what others want throughout their lives.
    When a wagtail in a dream flies close to your face, it is a sign that your problems will become very difficult to solve over time and will consume a lot of your time.

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