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Roundabout in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The roundabout motif in a dream is a message that you will soon have to make a number of important decisions in your life that may affect your immediate future and may have certain consequences. Whichever decision you make, other people will try to help you. The resulting situation will be like spinning in circles from one choice to the next. The roundabout dream is a reminder to always follow your own instincts, regardless of the opinions of others. The dream interpretation explains that the roundabout symbolizes wholeness and equality, it proves that you have strength, power and authority in you, similar to other people around you.

Common Roundabout Dreams and What They Mean

Dreaming of a roundabout suggests that you are unable to approach your goals directly. Perhaps you have a feeling that you are stuck somewhere and that you have a clear problem with making certain decisions. Only reaching a certain social circle at the right time can be the ultimate salvation and make your plans come true.

If you are driving around a roundabout in your dream, it is a sign that you are looking for the right path in your life that you will be able to follow in the near future. In another sense, the dream book explains that you will start to spin around in your theories and decisions, which in turn will make you return to the starting point, which will make many things irretrievably lost for you.

Entering the roundabout reminds you of the direction in which the dreamer's life is headed, it signals difficult choices and complex projects that will soon have to be undertaken.

If you turn right at the roundabout, it is a sign that you will make a good choice in life and you will be happy. In another sense, a dream proposes that you will free yourself from the mess that has been bothering you for many years and paves the way to achieving higher goals.

When in a dream you turn left at the roundabout, it is a sign that in the face of danger you will not pass the exam, which will be a measure of your maturity. Keep your head up, because each exam can be repeated and in your case it may turn out to be so.

When you go straight on at the roundabout, then such a dream means that you will be able to quickly get out of the oppression in which you inadvertently come across because of other people.

An accident at a roundabout means that you will miss something important in your life or make a mistake in your calculations, which will distance you from realizing your dreams. Blind faith may lose you sooner or later, so it would be better to follow your own logic and reason in the future instead of using other people's advice.

A large roundabout in dreams portends splendor and anxiety over exploring new horizons in life too quickly, you are probably going through a crisis that will only become apparent when it is fully advanced.

Changing the direction of driving at the roundabout is, according to the dream book, a harbinger of life's light chaos and a change in approach to material matters.

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