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    A dream of drowning is an expression of traumatic experiences or inner fears. Perhaps you are worried about a loved one or you are at a crossroads and you have to make a very difficult choice. in your life the stage is coming to an end.
    drowning yourself and being saved by someone - someone will save you in time from great loss
    see drowning person - you are afraid of an uncertain existence but you do not notice that you are doing nothing to change it for the better
    save drowning person - despite your efforts you will not alleviate someone's defeat
    drowning child - you will experience great disappointment due to deceptive promises
    sinking ship - you will cause unnecessary confusion that will drive someone crazy
    a sinking boat - someone will try to get you into something for nothing
    see a drowned man - you will discover your happiness
    wid to grind many drowning people - you will suffer losses due to your own actions.

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