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    Can be interpreted as an innate tendency to brag about small and insignificant things. Sometimes it is a harbinger of rumors. The hen also symbolizes the mother figure.
    see - you attach too much attention to trivial issues
    hear chickens cackling - you are an undecided person
    herd hen - you will have an increased period of work
    young hen - expect an injection of money
    see the hen laying eggs - the new project will bring you financial benefits
    incubating eggs - a favorable turn of fate
    hen with chicks - proposes a dignified life
    to see a rooster on it - happiness of the hearth
    runaway hen - a person you consider to be your friend will spread malicious rumors about you
    kill the hen - he will meet you are severely punished for lack of caution
    eat - a dream in which we eat a hen alive prophesies enormous wealth
    white hen - this an extremely auspicious sign announcing a period of blissful relaxation and harmony, it can also herald a pleasant surprise; sometimes a dream symbolizes a wedding ceremony, maybe you will soon be invited to it.

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