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    Romance in a dream is an expression of desire, hidden sex drives and the willingness to undertake new romantic experiments that may interrupt the daily routine. You need a change in your life because you have the current one the flame of passion has already burned out. If you want to finally settle down, start acting like an adult and stop jumping from flower to flower. Be careful not to be overwhelmed by the temptation to have a random or ill-considered romance, as this can have dire consequences for your current relationship. especially if your private life is sufficiently stable and orderly.
    to see people romancing - you will have a problem staying faithful to your loved one, because there will be someone on the horizon who will try to win your heart
    to have an affair - you need more tenderness in life, perhaps a person close to your heart has plunged into everyday life in bundles and she has become colder than before
    dreaming about a romance - you lack a sense of security and a strong support in another person in your life, a long search will end with finding your other half
    to have an affair with a married woman or a married man - for a woman: in relationships you care too much about little things; for a man: in matters of the heart, a turn in the right direction is being prepared
    romance with your own wife or husband - you and your spouse will rediscover mutual love and romantic desire
    get involved in an intricate romance - someone will give you a lot of time and interest, be careful not to spoil it
    have an affair with the doctor - you will have plenty an opportunity to attract the attention of a loved one
    have an affair with the teacher - the dream promises a lot of changes in your love life
    romance with your neighbor - you will immerse yourself in thoughts about your object of sighs, be careful not to miss other important things in life
    romance with someone at work - slowly move away from your partner will cause a decrease in mutual sex drive.
    romance with school love - you will sadden your partner with your cold heart and irritation, possibly that the shared vision of the trip will warm your relations and allow you to believe in the future of your relationship again
    to cover someone up for an affair - you will have fun in secret from your partner and you will recognize that a little madness in life will not it will hurt
    discover your partner's romance - it means a quarrel in a relationship or a vision of separation, think about whether it is worth destroying the spark of passion that still remains in you for the sake of trivial matters
    read a romance - you will find great love that will hit the bull's eye
    write a romance - your family will shame you, it's high time to improve your situation and become independent from loved ones.

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