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Agent in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The agent in dream represents new life experiences and an inner faith in real life. You should therefore take control of what is important to you, otherwise you will become a pawn in the hands of people who can take advantage of you. However, if you want to deal with your affairs properly, remember not to put unnecessary pressure on anyone, but slowly move towards your goal.
    When you dream that you are seeing an agent, it means you want someone in your workplace to appreciate the effort you put into all the activities you do on a daily basis.
    A real estate agent in dreams means that you feel that your freedom is threatened by those who are constantly trying to dictate what to do and how you should live. Dream can also mean that you are feeling unfulfilled because of missed opportunities in your life.
    When you dream about talking to an agent, you will find a trickster who will try to trick you, but luckily you will find out in time and not be fooled.
    Meeting with an agent is a sign that you already know what to do on a certain point, but still feel the need to gather information that is not at all appropriate. Therefore, it is better to think about whether it would be better to listen to your own instinct and follow your own heart instead of listening to other people.
    If you are an agent in a dream, it may mean that you have a constant need to advise others, but are often rejected. Perhaps you wrongly believe that only you are always right.

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