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Rest in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleep is an exhortation not to rest on your laurels; it is also a sign of achieving an inner balance in life. It's time to forget about work and focus on what is pleasant and pleasant Spending free time with others can be very fruitful and enjoyable. All you need is a little commitment and willingness and the recipe for a wonderful holiday will be ready.
    see - someone will make you stop working hard, which may negatively affect your health
    rest alone - a happy future awaits you
    relaxing with someone - the dream of a trip will soon become a reality
    see others relaxing - seeking peace in life will give you a lot of satisfaction
    unsuccessful rest - restless days
    disturb someone else - difficulties in various spheres of life
    out of town - longing for carefree times
    in another country - desire to escape reality.

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