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Branch in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A branch attached to a tree symbolizes strength and power; detached from the tree, lying next to it - means helplessness. Branches in a dream also represent interpersonal relationships and family ties.
    see the branch - an announcement of happiness and development; a new stage in your life is ahead of you
    see broken branches - you won't miss personal problems be related to work
    green branch - your dreams will come true
    withered branch - unfulfilled hopes
    break a branch - a controversial ending of a relationship with a friend
    a broken branch - you live by illusions, you have no courage or opportunity to fulfill your ambitions
    burn the branches - there will be obstacles with new challenges in your life
    burned branch - your efforts will be futile
    branch blowing in the wind - start implementing your ideas and fate will start smiling at you
    hit someone with a branch - things will go wrong for you
    trip over a branch - you may feel weary of your daily chores
    see the birds sitting on the branch - you will have a happy life
    branch hitting the roof - stress and fatigue will take its toll
    see a few branches - you will focus on health issues
    palm branch - there will be harmony and peace in the family.

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