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Body in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The sexual dream that most often reflects the current state of health.
    see the decaying body - refers to some forgotten situation, event or relationship; the time has finally come to forget about old memories and move forward
    to see or find a bloodied body - an announcement of problems that cannot be given avoid yourself; you probably need to make an important decision now
    have a beautiful body - you will gain success and widespread recognition
    wash it - misfortune
    to bare one's own body - shame and disgrace
    to bare someone's body - in a sexual dream: a love fulfillment whim, in another dream - you will come up with a brilliant idea
    growing body - someone will try to wrap you around his little finger
    break off someone to dress and see the body - in a sexual sense: disgust after a love adventure; in another: you will reveal someone's embarrassing and shameful deeds
    thinning, shrinking body - deterioration of material or health situation
    to have a bloody or wounded body - to achieve your goal you have to sacrifice something in life
    not be able to control your own body or have problems with moving - an announcement of difficulties and problems on the way to the goal that you want to achieve
    body overflow - failure in some area of ​​life or serious health problems
    body floating - you will involve getting into a situation with no way out
    enter someone's body - you feel emotional exhaustion; perhaps you want to be in someone else's skin or be in someone else's place.

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