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    Ramble in a dream is a sign of relaxation and satisfaction with your own existence. You want to get the best from life, you admire the gifts of nature and the changing seasons. All these features allow you to face the most difficult matters, because you can appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and regenerate your own strength thanks to being in the bosom of nature. A walk allows you to collect all your thoughts together and make difficult decisions.
    ramble alone - you will find the peace of mind that will give you a better tomorrow
    ramble with your loved one - a dream augurs well-being in your relationship
    short ramble - nerves and quarrels will affect your personal life, you will only be able to fix them if you put more work and energy into your life
    long ramble - before hard work that will ultimately bring you satisfaction and relief
    a ramble in rainy weather - a momentary nervousness will turn into pleasant moments
    a ramble in sunny weather - you will show initiative thanks to which you will gain the sympathy of the surroundings.

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