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Ailment in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Ailment in a dream is a symbol of distress, loss of strength and also a weakened condition. If you feel weak in dream, then it is an omen of good health in the future. Perhaps the dream is a reaction coming from your subconscious mind just before knowing the symptoms of some ailment, which in a dream may also indicate actual physical or even mental sensations.
    if you have any ailment - the dream portends fear and unnecessary tensions in the dreamer's life
    an ailment in someone - it is a sign not to prematurely anticipate the facts, because in order to achieve success in life you will need to be patient
    suffering from an ailment - it portends disappointment in your love life, a dream is also an admonition not to underestimate people who stand on the other side of the barricade
    a few ailments - is a harbinger of sorrows that will pass only when you change your point of view and begin to look to the future with optimism
    a painful ailment - calls the dreamer to perform the necessary preventive examinations to assess his own health
    chronic ailment - a sign that despite your best efforts, you will not be able to solve the problem that you have been struggling with for many years
    minor ailment - indicates negligence in the diet, if your diet goes on like this, it can seriously affect your health
    treating ailments - a sign that you will do everything to solve a problem that has become a big nuisance for you for a long time
    in the elderly - means that your current lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired, if you do not change it, your health may deteriorate
    in young people - it is a sign that living in a hurry and the lack of regularity in life can eventually lead to unforeseen trouble.

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