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Rabies in a dream symbolizes anger and unrepressed hostility that can turn into violence in an uncontrolled way. It is possible that it will be due to problems you encounter that will make you feel helpless. You will likely find yourself in a situation where you will not receive any support, not even from your loved ones.

The specific meaning of the rabies dream:

The dream about which you have rabies

Such a dream means that your manager or someone close to you will not show you the proper respect. It is possible that these types of situations will repeat themselves, so think about going somewhere where no one knows you and starting all over again.

Someone else has rabies

If you dream of other people who have rabies, it may mean that you are not accepted by those around you. It may be because of your beliefs or being too different in some respects. You may feel that you are becoming the black sheep in any company.

Dream of being bitten by a dog and catching rabies

According to dream books, such a dream most often means that a loved one will fail you. It is also possible that you will find that you are too different from your partner and that he is no longer the person you once fell in love with. Whatever the reason, this type of dream portends a really difficult time in your life, which can lead you to face difficult choices.

Treating rabies is a way of cheating your partner or maintaining a relationship with someone who has a dubious reputation. You will have to decide soon what is more important to you.

Running away from someone with rabies

To dream of running away from someone with rabies indicates that you are contradicting certain hard facts. Perhaps your loved ones have drawn you to certain behaviors and you cannot accept the whole truth about yourself. Remember that if you don't change something in your life, you can lose people who care about you.

Dream about a dog suffering from rabies

Such a dream indicates that a friend will ask you for help, and you will not give it to him. Perhaps you will ignore His request, because the problem that comes to you will seem trivial, or due to the overwhelming burden of duties, you will not have enough time to support it.

A dream about a cat suffering from rabies

A cat suffering from rabies symbolizes the enemy. Someone from your immediate surroundings will reveal their true intentions and will want to harm you in some way. Therefore, you should be careful in the near future and be careful with whom you are confiding.

A dream about a wolf suffering from rabies

When you dream of a wolf with rabies, such a dream may represent a lack of self-confidence. Perhaps the last period was not very successful for you and a few failures made you lose faith in your own abilities. You should relax and reset your attitude, and the problems you are currently experiencing will disappear over time.

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