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Decoration in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    It symbolizes things that make us feel better in life. You like to lead a comfortable and not complicated life, you want to surround yourself with trinkets and you love to make a lot of noise around your own. Decorations make you happy and make you feel better.
    to see the decoration - you will expand your contacts, thanks to which you will gain many profits and benefits
    make an ornament by yourself - you will make a big discovery and then you will receive distinctions and honors for your achievements
    give someone a decoration - someone will impose your own will on an important matter, think about the state of affairs certainly suits you
    get an ornament - the pleasure you expected will be wasted by you
    to be jealous of the ornament - you want to keep up with someone's pace, but you only keep chasing the tail
    wear an ornament - someone will praise your attitude
    lose the ornament - a dream announces parting
    Christmas decorations - a good mood will not stop you for a long time.

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