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    A dream about a proposal refers directly to a marriage or other long-term commitment, signifies a new way of life and a new beginning. A dream proposal can also be an expression of real life events taking place in your life, e.g. a proposal.
    see - you will make someone an offer that will be happily accepted
    propose to someone - a positive coincidence of events will lead you straight into the arms of a loved one
    someone proposes to you - you will be dominated by someone
    accept a proposal - you will be very lucky
    reject the proposal - you will encounter difficulties that will weaken your involvement in daily activities
    boisterous proposal - you will knock someone down with your extraordinary proposition
    in a restaurant - you will experience your joyful moments away from your own family
    by the sea - time will stop for you because your heart will be full of love
    in the mountains - you will walk through life together with a person who means a lot to you
    on the bridge - you will start to hesitate whether the choice you made was right
    on the tower - finally reveal your true love to a loved one who feels safe in your presence.

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