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Pride in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of pride generally indicates a strong personality and character of the dreamer. Usually, it portends success in all areas of life and satisfaction with the achievements so far. Pride is a lofty symbol of superiority, looking at the world from above, it is also associated with defining one's own perspectives for the future.
    If you are proud in a dream it is a sign that the universe will provide you with many challenges that will bring you countless benefits in life.
    When someone is proud, it means that you need inner tranquility, you will find comfort in activities that are quieter than those you are currently doing.
    When you dream that you are proud of your children, then you can expect that the projects you start will be successful.
    When you are proud of your work, it means that you will soon open up to others and establish long-term relationships, do not be fooled by fear and you will gain greater satisfaction with life.
    Being carried away with pride in a dream means that you will achieve success in life, through which you will start looking down on everyone, be careful because with time your fortune may turn around.
    Offended pride in dreams is a sign that you are unnecessarily taking to yourself the words of a certain person whose sole purpose is to upset you.

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