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Porcelain in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Porcelain in a dream symbolizes continuity; it can also mean a certain situation in life that must be approached with care.
    see her - in delicate matters better be careful
    drop it, damage the porcelain - possible family problems or some other unexpected accident
    smash it with anger - you underestimate what you have
    see the broken porcelain - you can expect sudden mood swings in the near future
    cut yourself with broken porcelain - you will experience a big surprise
    beautiful - you will like an important person with high expectations
    ugly - all things will go your way
    grandma's porcelain - you will start thinking back to your childhood
    shaped porcelain s trong> - you will face several possibilities in your life, from which you should not exclude any
    have a collection of porcelain trinkets - you have a collector's nature, a dream shows your strong attachment to the things you have
    porcelain cup - hide your true desires from someone
    porcelain teapot - you easily get into unnecessary conflicts in life
    porcelain doll - thanks to numerous experiences in your life you will finally become a strong man.

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