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Bench in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bench in a dream means closing things from the past. It also symbolizes the comfort and relaxation that people deserve after the hardships of their work. You unnecessarily sabotage certain activities that You will have to make up for it anyway. You feel you have enough time to unravel complex issues, but at some point you may not be able to meet your commitments on time.
    see - you tend to procrastinate and put things off until later, be careful not to miss important dates
    sit on a freshly painted bench - too you often take a passive role in life, watch out because other people can take total control of your existence
    jump over it - instead of hiding behind someone's back, finally go out with your own initiative and show me what you can
    sit on the bench - the dream of a love story will come true
    to sit on a bench in a charming place - a dream indicates your readiness for an erotic adventure
    to see people sitting on the bench - you will spend pleasant moments with your friends.

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