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Cookie in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    They symbolize feelings of euphoria and contentment in life. Sometimes they can reflect the problem of over-giving in. The dream of cookies often comes to women who do not trust their husbands.
    to see cookies - minor and trivial problems make you more and more off balance
    eat cookies - an announcement of visits, usually of the opposite sex
    give cookies - you have chosen the right course of action and you will achieve success
    receive cookies - you will regain your self-esteem
    buy cookies - you are easily tempted
    steal cookies - you let the little things torment you
    bake cookies - you will become more optimistic
    to see freshly baked cookies and not be able to eat them - someone is trying to profit from your hard work
    cakes from a piece me chocolate - they usually testify to your remorse
    oatmeal cookies - once in a while you can allow yourself to be indulgent.

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