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Politician in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A dream about a politician symbolizes power and rivalry, it may also foretell taking on new challenges. According to the dream book, a politician may be a prediction that you will witness someone's rise or fall. The dream book suggests that a politician can also serve as a warning against getting involved in shady dealings by a deceitful person. In another sense, politicians appearing in dreams may predict that you will find the courage to realize one of your ideas that you have been thinking about for a long time.

Rally political

Meaning of the dream Politician

Being a politician

When you dream that you are a politician, it is a sign that you will turn into someone you have despised for a long time. Such a dream usually symbolizes deception. According to the dream book, being a politician foreshadows that you will face a moral or legal dilemma and you will have to choose which path to follow.

Meeting with a politician

You will get into trouble that will discourage you from taking important action, causing you to surrender as soon as possible. Such a dream may also predict that various opinions you start to express will not be to everyone's liking.

Having an affair with a politician

When you dream that you are having an affair with a politician, it is a sign that you will believe in empty promises of a very convincing person, but after some time, you will understand your mistake. Be careful, because minor misunderstandings may cause your loved one to lose trust in you.

Talking to a politician

A dream about talking to a politician suggests that you fear criticism directed at you, which is why you increasingly avoid expressing your own opinions. When you feel a bit of freedom, you will finally shed the burden that keeps you standing still. In another sense, such a dream may also mean that you will soon have to finally accept the fact that many of your plans will fail.

Famous politician

A dream about a famous politician indicates that you constantly allow others to participate in your own battles, but you keep yourself at a distance so that no one can criticize you in the future. However, be careful not to be called a coward, because you won't have anyone to celebrate your success with.

What meaning of the dream about a politician can we find in a mystical dream book?

A politician appearing in dreams means that you want people to finally hear your voice. You are striving for a good name and reputation so that more people trust you. According to the dream book, a politician, according to known symbolism, indicates that you do not want to do something over which you have no control. However, controlling everything that happens around you can prove very difficult.

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