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Platinum in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Platinum appearing in a dream indicates the dreamer's great ambitions, foreshadows great successes, new opportunities and also achieving a state of perfect balance in life. Ancient dream books say that the platinum dream is an auspicious omen that usually portends wealth.

The meaning of the platinum dream:

If you see platinum in a dream, it means that you feel that you have achieved what you want in life. Your future looks just like colorful colors, so it is not worth being worried about things that are not very important in the long run.

Damaged platinum in dreams is a warning that the situation you will find yourself in will have many disadvantages. Unraveling it may prove to be an extremely difficult task for you.

When you buy platinum in a dream, it means that you will meet someone who is thick-skinned and emotionally tough. Over time, however, you will find that not having feelings will only help you achieve all of your important goals.

The sale of platinum is a sign of difficult but extremely lucrative transactions, sometimes with an admixture of a toxic mixture of jealousy and malice on the part of contractors.

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