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Amputation in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Amputation in a dream can mean losing something important in life, worry, losing control and focusing on getting back on track in life. It is also a symbol of injustice, disappointment and regret. Amputation in dreams is also often erotic, especially in women when they part with a loved one. The dream of amputating one's limbs represents unused talents and lasting losses, as well as feelings of frustration and powerlessness. Better be careful not to experience loss in your life that could have been prevented by taking appropriate action.
    If you dream that you have your own limbs amputated, then it is a reflection in your life of unused talents and permanent losses, feelings of regret and depression, and constant helplessness.
    An amputation of hands in a dream is a sign of a lack of life motivation, helplessness and failure to make important choices.
    When you dream of a leg amputation it means that some people just drive you crazy and you still face limitations that prevent you from continuing to progress.
    Amputation due to illness warns against dangers and calls for special caution, especially in matters that are not entirely clear.
    The dream of an amputation in the middle of a war usually brings back memories of bad times when simple things seemed hard to do and successes could be dreamed of.
    Amputation after an animal attack is a sign that you should not worry about the biting rumors, because people have always been interested in the fate of their fellow humans.

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