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Color in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Colors in a dream symbolize energy, emotions and positive vibrations. Pale pastel colors mean weakness or subtlety, while dark colors - passion and intense action. Bright colors are a symbol of Think about what personal associations in your waking life you have with the dream color.
    Life imbalance, fear. The combination of two colors, black and red, heralds unfavorable situations in life, means fears and anxieties. In a positive sense, black symbolizes potential and new opportunities.
    Symbol spiritual guide, truth, wisdom, heaven, devotion and peace.
    light blue - positive choices will ensure your life at the right level
    dark blue - brutal honesty towards others will not pay you back, alternatively sleep means not caring for other people's feelings
    It symbolizes home happiness, physical comfort, conservatism and materialistic character. In some situations, it also symbolizes the earth.
    light brown - a symbol of a real desire to get rid of something negative from life
    dark brown - the desire to be cleared of negative thoughts, habits or life situations.
    It means benefits and success as well as happiness and wealth, it also indicates numerous achievements in life .
    This color symbolizes healing, getting rid of obstacles or a positive change in life. It can also mean a willingness to overcome an emotional problem.
    see the green light - physical healing
    light green - a sense of renewal, the beginning of a new path in life or career
    dark green - jealousy, greed, materialism, deception and unwillingness to share dark green can also mean slow progress or a feeling that life is going in the wrong direction
    Symbolizes fear, depression and poor health. Lighter shades of gray symbolize intuition.
    Some situations in your life are not as scary as you think.
    light gray - you feel you've managed to to avoid a problem or that a situation that has caused fear in you so far is not that scary
    dark gray - means sadness or wrong decisions
    This color stands for indifference and powerlessness.
    Indicates strength, power or control, it can also symbolize unusual beliefs or behaviors noticed by other people. In a negative sense, orange reflects the toxic influence of the environment that is beyond human strength.
    This color represents sexual desire or a mindless desire to have something already. In a positive aspect, roses can be a symbol of motivation and ambition.
    In a negative sense - it reflects blind desire.
    Violet in a dream means an impartial position or powerlessness in the face of a certain life situation or relationship.
    Red is a sign of raw energy, strength, vigor, courage and passion. It is also a symbol of danger, violence and sex drives. It stands for negative intentions, situations and an unusual way of thinking. May indicate unhealthy and unpleasant thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This color is also a symbol of anger, fight and dishonesty.
    It symbolizes intuition or intuitive choices. It can also reflect coincidences or a feeling of happiness. This color helps in a dream to make the right choices that lead to what is needed in life.
    It means balance and purification. Alternatively, white can also reflect a real intention or desire for something that cannot be owned.
    Positive color means happiness or pleasant experiences.
    Negative can mean bad thinking patterns, bad experiences, and a feeling of being forced by others to behave in a certain way.

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