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    Dreams of death are usually very scary, giving the impression that we have a feeling about our own imminent death or the death of a loved one. However, there is no need to panic if we wake up. Before we die in a dream. In Far Eastern cultures, such a dream is read as a symbol of wealth and joy in life. Death in a dream can also symbolize new goals in life or a return to old habits, bad habits and destructive behavior.
    own death - a dream is a call to better understand your own desires, but for this to happen, you must first put aside prejudices and get rid of all life limitations
    death of your ex-partner - you feel an emotional void in a relationship that has been practically non-existent for some time
    death of a lover - a dream announces the end of a stage in life and the transition to the next one
    death of parents - you needlessly question your parental abilities
    your loved one - it means a new stage in your life
    death of a stranger - you will become before your life chance
    if someone threatens you with death - you have a feeling that if you get involved in a project too much, it may end badly for you
    fear death - you are pierced by the paralyzing fear of the upcoming changes in your life
    talking to the dead - a sign that you are under the influence of bad company ; alternatively, sleep foretells numerous material losses.
    talking to dead parents - fear of loss
    death of the child - you will have problems with acceptance some situations.
    Death means a new beginning
    Dreams of your own death are a sign of change, development and self-knowledge, and the beginning of something new. Perhaps you are planning a trip to another country, are getting married or divorced, and at the same time want to put your past behind you. If in a dream you simulate your own death, then sleep means taking control of your own life, coming changes and new beginnings.

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