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Perch in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dreaming about a perch is a sign of a desire to stabilize, start a family or settle in a specific place permanently with loved ones. The dream interpretation explains that a roost is a synonym of a home nest, a safe haven, which is always nice and pleasant to return to. In other words, the perch in dreams means that you will settle in a place from which it will be difficult for you to break free later. The constant stagnation over time will start to bother you a lot. You will also find that it is not worth betting everything on one card.

The basic meaning of the dream about the PERCH:

    When you see a perch in dreams, it is a sign of willingness to try to merge what has been destroyed in the past or to return to something that has previously aroused positive feelings and emotions in the heart.
    If you are sitting on a perch, then such a dream means that you will quickly find out for yourself that all roads will lead you to a place that you associate with peace and bliss. The dream book states that the dream of a perch may be an expression of fears related to breaking family ties or longing for the times of childhood, when the existence of a perch was indisputable and obvious for everyone.
    Animals sitting on a perch in a dream herald like an unwavering time to rest in the privacy of a home fire. They are a sign of unity, integration and strengthening family ties.
    A dilapidated perch carries a message in your dreams to make peace with your relatives whom you do not like. The dream interpretation cautions that it is best for you not to get in your way in the future.
    If you are building a perch in your dream, it is an announcement of starting a family or establishing long-term relationships with very valuable people.
    In dreams, the new perch is a harbinger of upcoming changes, most often related to the change of your place of residence or the social circle in which you turn.

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