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    An employee in a dream is a reflection of your everyday working life in your life. Depending on what events accompany you at work, you can relive them in your dreams.
    see him - you will start to experience stress caused by problems at work
    be an employee - many things will go better than you wish
    employee sleeping at work - you feel that your career is not going as you would like it, look for new incentives and maybe even work and with time you will definitely change your fate
    dismiss an employee - someone will not appreciate your efforts despite your hard work
    hire an employee - you will have a lot of progress in your career, which will follow was a financial success
    to see many - teamwork will bring you a lot of joy
    to see employees at work - will take from actions that will pay off
    rude worker - you will encounter unpleasantness and numerous problems in your life
    aggressive worker - there will be there are obstacles, but they will turn out to be easy to overcome
    nice employee - an announcement of a quiet period in your life.

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