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    Orchids in a dream symbolize romanticism, beauty and sensuality. They are a testimony to desire, burning passion and suppressed emotions. Their appearance in a dream concerns the emotional life therefore it is worth subjecting them to a deeper analysis.
    see them - you will start to surround yourself with beautiful things
    pick orchids - a certain situation will require from you special attention and dedication
    withered - a dream refers to a strong sexual drive deep within us, which is usually unnecessarily inhibited
    give someone an orchid - you will finally appreciate the beauty of the world around you
    receive it as a gift - the reaction of one person will please you very much and it will make a great impression on others
    white orchid - a dream means that you will lose recognition in the eyes of a wise person
    colorful orchids - someone will show you a world that so far seemed unreal to you
    black orchid - you will lose self-confidence.

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