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    A dream eclipse can symbolize repressed emotions, unrequited love or depression, it can also indicate self-doubt. Think about it, maybe you are just going through hard moments that do not allow you to become a true optimist in life. In another sense, a dream may indicate a positive emotional state of the dreamer.
    lunar eclipse - is a symbol of hidden secrets and emotions; in women - a dream may mean someone is in someone's shadow
    solar eclipse - symbolizes the advent of darkness and in a dream it can be a bad omen
    view eclipses - is a message that human life has light and dark sides, so even the most difficult situations in the long run can have a positive ending
    staring at them - most often means that you will be disappointed with your goals and dreams
    advice ego at the sight of an eclipse - bodes more opportunities that will appear on your way to your goal
    fear of an eclipse - you are afraid that you will not achieve your goals, you feel that others are underestimating you or are constantly overlooking you
    if it's past - you should look at a problem from a different perspective.

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