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Operation in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Operation is a symbol of impending difficulties and problems that you have for some reason suppressed. It is a warning dream that can herald real events in your life. It may foreshadow a painful shock, which, however, will lead you to a better perception of the world and your own life.If you have had a dream about surgery several times recently, then it is worth carrying out periodic examinations and focusing on improving your lifestyle. For a more detailed sleep analysis, pay attention to what organs or body parts were operated on.
    to see - changing old habits will contribute to your success
    to have surgery - you need to get rid of prejudices towards someone, it's best to start with changing habits and try to turn a blind eye to minor shortcomings
    observe her - at the last moment you will avoid z częczienia
    operate on someone - you will deny the truth and you will disappoint your loved ones
    plastic surgery - you hide an embarrassing secret
    surrender to her - you will not fully use the opportunities that fate will give you
    amputation - you will suffer a severe loss; a dream can also herald a breakup with a loved one
    military operation - take your time with decisions, approach certain matters with greater discipline and precision.

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