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Nylon in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The nylon dream foreshadows prosperity and the fulfillment of your own desires, and it also warns you that you must pay attention to the motives of the people around you. Nylon also portends long-term success, indicates a positive outlook on life and a better outlook for the future.
    see a nylon - it is a sign that you should be looking at things differently as your priorities are wrong
    receiving it as a gift - an announcement that your social life will become very productive and you will organize fun events
    torned nylon - means that you will have an idea for a new project that will completely change your everyday life
    nylon robe - heralds exciting hopes for the future and many career opportunities
    dark color of nylon - portends a loss of income in the project started
    sewing clothes from nylon - announces that your thighs will be grateful for a good deed.

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