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Bathtub in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream about a bathtub symbolizes both physical and spiritual cleansing. It can also mean letting go of old ideas, concepts, views and negative thoughts.
    see the bathtub - you will clean up your life
    bathe in it - joy after worse moments
    take a bath with another person - it reflects a tendency to addiction or shows a high sexual desire
    pour water into the bathtub - your unconventional ideas will appeal to other people
    bathtub full of water - you should free yourself from your past and start a new life
    empty bathtub - think about losing too much energy for pointless activities
    bathtub with dirty water - fate will not be kind to you
    bathtub with foam - it's time to longed-for rest
    new bath - it will not be easy for you to change someone's old habits
    enamel cast iron bath - finally you will enter a better way in life
    marble bathtub - a harbinger of healing
    bathe someone in it, e.g. a child - you will be overprotective of someone.

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