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Nursery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A nursery appearing in dreams is a symbol of maternal instinct and care, it also symbolizes spiritual development, growth and potential. The nursery may herald the arrival of a new family member into the world as well as returning to the times from your own childhood.
    work in a nursery - most often announces that you will miss the times when you did not have to deal with unnecessary problems
    if you send your child to a nursery - you are worried about who will be looking after your children during your absence
    if you go to the nursery yourself - you most likely feel stressed due to meeting new people or entering a new environment
    if your child did not get into the nursery - it means that you may feel very exhausted soon
    being in the nursery - heralds the meeting a nice time in which everyone around you will do your duties for you.

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