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Hotel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A hotel in a dream means a new approach or a change in the current values ​​in life. Perhaps you feel exhausted and need to get away from everyday life for a moment. The hotel is also a symbol of hard work, discipline, respect for others, compliance with rules or, on the contrary - a symbol of laziness.
    see - an order to depart from old habits, habits and old way of thinking; alternatively, sleep means that you need to temporarily break away from ordinary everyday life
    see beautiful and big - you will give up old habits
    have your own hotel - thanks to systematic work you will achieve a lot in your life
    stay in a hotel - you are tired of your life so far, looking for new challenges and excitement
    your stay is unpleasant feeling - a dream is a warning against improper action in life
    look for a hotel - after many hardships and numerous problems you will implement your plans
    stay in a hotel - you lead a lavish lifestyle that may exceed your financial possibilities
    work in a hotel - professional problems will arise; possible job loss
    five-star hotel - you are looking to meet a rich man.

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