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    A mustache in a dream may suggest that you do not care about the consequences of your words or that you usually express yourself negatively about others. To see black and short in a woman - you will get very bad a message that will affect your future
    see in a man - a person who goes very high will be a complete fool
    if a woman kisses you dream of a man with a mustache - you will have your husband slippers
    admire someone else's mustache - you will start looking for a new way to express yourself
    undercut them - before you jump into deep water, think about whether it is profitable to bear the possible risk; better not overestimate your strength
    shave them off - it's time to start a new one, maybe considerably a more interesting chapter in your life
    growing very fast - if you feel a surge of ambition, sit down and wait for it to pass; it's not time yet to win
    wear a false mustache - you will want to impress someone
    long - abandon the usual caution; more than once it will be worth going all the way and common sense and intuition will tell you when
    overclocked - stop doing nonsense
    gray - close the issues that need completion one by one.

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