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Motorcycle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A motorcycle in a dream symbolizes a desire for freedom and a need for adventure, perhaps you are trying to escape from some unpleasant event. Moreover, it indicates a desire to enjoy life instead of passively watching it passes.
    see the motorcycle - surprising and joyful experiences ahead of you
    ride it - a crazy adventure will leave its mark for a long time
    feel the wind on your face while riding a motorcycle - you will be overwhelmed by the desire for freedom
    watch someone ride a motorcycle - you do not notice the changes that are taking place in your life
    to be a passenger - you want romance and life variety, be careful not to lose control over your life to the end
    have an accident on him - through your own recklessness you will suffer losses in your life
    admire the motorcycle up close - you are afraid that by contact with a certain person you will exceed certain limits in life
    to be followed by someone on a motorcycle - you will get out of your duties, which will make you lose the sympathy of many people
    dream about a motorcycle trip - you want to see the world in colorful colors and not as it really is
    see a drunk motorcyclist - professional matters you will get completely out of control
    wait for someone on the motorcycle - you are afraid to solve difficult cases on your own and you still count on someone to do them for you
    broken - hard work will give you a hard time
    buy a motorcycle - you will sort out your outstanding affairs
    new motorcycle - your efforts will eventually be appreciated by someone
    brag about it - you will finally find time to renew old contacts
    skła give a bike from a part - in some case you will take the initiative into your own hands
    participate in a motorcycle chase - fearing unfair judgment you will run away from responsibility.

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