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Monopoly in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The game of Monopoly in a dream is associated with life ambitions and wealth, its task is to focus the dreamer's attention on his own finances. A dream sends a message that only a strong personality can make you start making decisions in life without asking anyone for help.
    If you dream that you are playing monopoly, it is a sign that you will set some new standards in your life, and you will also become an example in this regard.
    If in a dream that you see someone you know playing monopoly, then it means that you will have to resort to the services of a certain person to solve problems beyond your control.
    When in a dream you win the game of monopoly, it is a sign that you will prove to be a more demanding player than others, thanks to which you will be the first to beat the finish in some matter. If you take a chance, you will have a chance in life for success that others can only dream of.
    Losing a game of monopoly means you will have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve what you want, but remember that you will not become the best right away, you will only achieve perfection over time, so it is important to remember that only intensive training can make you a master.
    When you dream that you are playing a game with others, especially with your family, then you will share your wisdom with someone and you will become a leader, for which people will start to respect you

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