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Ceiling in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Depending on the condition of the ceiling, our emotional state will be solid and strong or weak and crumbling. The ceiling is a shelter for people, which provides them with the necessary comfort and safety .
    to see - a dream augurs a successful course of all ongoing affairs
    falling - a certain situation will overwhelm you very much, bring dissatisfaction and emptiness in life
    white ceiling - by choosing a certain arrangement you will manage to combine business with pleasure
    red - defeat your opponent and you will gain a lot from it
    black - someone will make you feel very unhappy with their gesture or word
    highly situated - you will not succeed get your goal
    equal - all things will go according to your plan
    uneven - stay cool before making an irreversible decision
    n low ceiling - you will cross a certain line that you once set for yourself
    wood ceiling - now you can solve outstanding matters and make them run faster
    concrete - someone will eventually disillusion you
    build it - some task will prove to be extremely difficult and dangerous to perform
    flooded, wet - heralds the breakdown of a relationship or the breaking of important social ties
    a mushy ceiling - black clouds will soon appear over your life
    cracking, crumbling - your enemies will have bad intentions towards you
    house without a ceiling - no stabilization will make it difficult to plan for the future
    demolish it - you will lose your comfort of living for a while.

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