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Miscarriages in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    It doesn't matter if you are pregnant or you cannot dream of a miscarriage. Such images are usually very disturbing to you. You may even wake up surprised or scared with feelings of regret.
    A miscarriage in a dream is most often a warning against a wrong course of action. It is high time to change the path you follow in your life or move away from certain patterns. Dream can also indicate that someone you care deeply about will soon be failing your trust. In pregnant women, dreams of a miscarriage occur most often in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

Most often you may dream of:

  • when you had a miscarriage in your dream
  • when you see someone miscarriage
  • if you want to miscarry
  • when you are bleeding in pregnancy
  • when you want someone to miscarry
  • when someone miscarried because of you
  • you are worried about losing your baby
  • you feel remorse over the miscarriage

A dream about a miscarriage

This dream can trigger a real mood swing. However, it is important to realize that miscarriage is relatively common and many women experience it. Statistics show that up to twenty percent of pregnancies may end in stillbirth or miscarriage.

The very dream of a miscarriage involves the loss of something valuable for us. Moreover, these types of dreams are accompanied by intense emotions, both rational and irrational. However, it should be remembered that a dream about a miscarriage does not necessarily foreshadow the actual miscarriage itself.

When you had a miscarriage in your dream

    A dream in which you dream of a miscarriage may symbolize a feeling of loneliness or a lack of support from loved ones. If you are in hospital or under medical care, a dream of a miscarriage can symbolize the fear that, despite the appropriate measures, you will not get enough help.
    If you are pregnant and you dream of a miscarriage while driving, such a dream may indicate your fear that something will distract you from achieving the desired goal, or that you will somehow lose control over your life.
    If you have had a miscarriage in the ambulance, then such a dream indicates that you are too worried about the mistakes you have made in the past, so you cannot fully focus on your future. Sometimes, a miscarriage can also represent a fear of losing love, breaking up a relationship, or ending an affair. If your lover has somehow betrayed you emotionally, then a miscarriage may be a harbinger of sadness and disappointment.

When you see another woman miscarry

    A dream in which you see a woman who has had a miscarriage, whether you know her or not, is in no way connected with the loss of a child. Such a dream most often portends disappointment caused by failure to implement one's own plans.

If you want to miscarry

    If for some reason you dream that you want to have a miscarriage, such a dream indicates severe trauma and sadness. You may even struggle with depression. Such a dream often foreshadows changes that you are not ready for and do not know if you can handle them.

You bleed in pregnancy

    Such a dream is certainly very disturbing to you. However, it should be remembered that bleeding that occurs in a dream does not mean that some unpleasant situation will actually happen. Most often, bleeding during pregnancy is associated with a decrease in energy or the improper use of time. Perhaps it is worth asking yourself what is most valuable to you? Do the people you surround yourself with have a positive influence on you?

When you want someone to miscarry

    Dream reflects an area of ​​your life that is not going according to your plan. Perhaps you missed the promotion you wanted, or you have recently ended your long-term relationship. Sometimes a dream is a sign of a long-standing problem that you cannot cope with and want to solve as quickly as possible.

When you made someone miscarry

    Such a dream reflects your negative attitude towards life. You keep trying to find the culprit for your failures, and you don't take responsibility for your own actions. Perhaps the time has come to change your perspective and be more realistic about your own expectations.

If you are worried about losing your baby

    If you are pregnant, such a dream is something natural, regardless of whether it is your first pregnancy or the next one. The fear of losing a pregnancy diminishes with the months of pregnancy. It should also be remembered that the likelihood of a miscarriage increases exponentially if you have had a miscarriage in the past.

When you feel remorse over the miscarriage

    It's very common to feel guilty about a miscarriage and to blame yourself, but remember that, except in a few extreme cases, you haven't really influenced it and you should try to get back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible. If a woman was not pregnant and dreamed that she felt guilty about the miscarriage, such a dream most often means that your plan or project will fail.

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