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    A dream about sex reflects current and pleasant life experiences, a partner relationship or strong emotions. Take a closer look at the characteristics of your intercourse partner. emphasize that the world of dreams about the sexual color of women is completely different from that of men.
    see - blind desire or a short love adventure can lead you to risky and dangerous ventures
    interrupted intercourse - sleep indicates a disruption in life or a failure in interpersonal relationships
    sex in a public place - some mysterious aspects of your personal life will remain discovered by others
    sex with a friend - you still find enthusiasm and keep trying new things
    dreaming about sex with someone other than your spouse be a partner - innocent fantasy or dissatisfaction with the current sexual sphere this relationship will spoil the relationship between partners a bit
    sex with a celebrity, a famous character - success and recognition will turn you head hard
    sex with your ex-partner - returning to old feelings will turn out to be a great experience for you; alternatively, a dream can also be an expression of the emotions you feel about starting a new relationship
    sex with a stranger - fear of the future can undo your plans
    if you are heterosexual and you dream of having sex with a person of the same sex - you accept yourself and the situation you are in more and more
    sex with a friend - you will lead a project to happy ending
    having sex with multiple partners at the same time - your sexual routine or a belief that you have no emotions and passion in this area will start to bother you a lot.

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