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Middle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The middle of a dream is a reference to the concentration of a specific point in the dreamer's personal space, usually a sign of an imbalance in life. The dream about the middle can be interpreted in many different ways, it usually refers to self-centered attitudes, and also proves the pretentiousness of the person who dreams about it. The dream interpretation says that the center is nothing but a metaphor for a narcissistic approach to life and the constant placing of oneself in the center of attention above everything and everyone.

Meaning of dreaming the middle:

If you are in the middle of the street, it means that you are worried about the transience of your life or that you feel stuck in the middle of your home or business activities.

When you dream that you are in the middle of a roundabout, it means that in your life there will be omnipresent chaos that will make your life unbalanced.

If you dream that you are in the middle of something, then it is a sign that you will become too preoccupied with yourself to be able to even perceive the needs of your friends and loved ones. You believe that everything should revolve around you. A lack of balanced needs can only turn out to be a short-term and unhealthy pastime. For some, being at the center of attention shows a sense of life comfort and security.

When in a dream you go to the middle of something, then you will begin to fight for your own recognition. Over time, your selfishness will begin to affect the way other people perceive you. The distance you create around you can contribute to isolation and social exclusion over time.

If you feel trapped inside, in the middle of something, it's a sign that you need your own space to spread your wings and end up jealous of one of the main places once and for all.

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