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    Every word, name, place or sound written with an abbreviation has a significant meaning in a dream. Abbreviations most often mean a hidden message or advice. Such a dream can also herald certain danger or negative foreboding of the dreamer.
    if you see a shortcut - probably for the first time you will not go round and round, but take shortcuts
    when he you write - it is a sign that in a certain area of ​​your life you feel like a fish in the water and you do not need guidance or help from other people
    unclearly written - feelings that will be those soon accompanying you in a certain situation will turn out to be very extreme, from happiness to despair and nervous breakdown
    the initials of someone's name and surname - they may mean that you will receive someone from this person important message
    known abbreviations - testify that other people are trying to get something from you teach
    abbreviations written on the wall - most often means that someone is trying to send you a hidden message, but is not able to reveal it directly, it will be a long time before this information is available it will reach you
    if you are taking a shortcut - it is a sign that you will not be able to predict a certain situation that will soon arise in your life
    if you communicate with someone using abbreviations - you will turn your back on someone you once could fully rely on
    abbreviations of words - they are a message in a dream about what you can simplify or change in your life.

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