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Travel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about travel means a desire to escape from everyday duties and routine; perhaps it is time to change your current environment. Traveling in a dream sometimes encourages better self-knowledge.
    go on a journey - you will have a chance for promotion
    complete the journey - you will achieve your goals in life
    travel and see nothing - you have difficulty communicating your experiences to other people
    being dissatisfied with your trip - you are not fully satisfied with the changes taking place in your life
    have a hard journey - avoid disputes and unnecessary discussions and you will do well
    travel through a difficult terrain, i.e. desert, jungle, etc. - you will face a very difficult challenge, the completion of which will take a lot of time
    think about the journey - everyday requirement you will get bored
    travel in foreign countries - people will gossip about you
    help someone on their journey - you will experience a tremendous inner transformation
    be afraid of the journey - you will be known from the best side; from now on, only your professionalism will count
    get lost in the journey - be careful not to get carried away too much
    travel in a group - you will meet new and very fascinating people
    research trip - you should analyze your own conduct and reflect on yourself
    time travel - you dream of willow pears instead of thinking about putting your mundane affairs in order
    going back in time - you will start thinking back to some nice event that you want to repeat.

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