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    May in the symbolism of dreams usually means the approaching time of numerous challenges and lofty circumstances. Perhaps you have long been preparing for important events in your life that may decide about his fate. May is a month that is associated with spring awakening and new resolutions.
    May trip - is a good omen for all those who want to get away from their daily duties and problems
    unsuccessful - better not be under the illusion that without knowing about a certain issue you will cope with the problems that will come your way
    May weekend - a sign that you will finally get the planned rest
    hot May - you will deal with the difficulties that have been tormenting your eye so far
    cold or frosty May - is a warning so that you do not needlessly worry about problems beyond your control
    if you dream of May from the past - a sign that you miss the old days, think about it, maybe you are missing something in your present life
    May flowers - they are a sign of the dreamer's implementation of new resolutions and the realization of lofty plans.

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