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Chieftain in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Chieftain in a dream is an eternal symbol of power and politics. Depending on the sleep phase, each person may appear in a different version.
    The calm face of a chief may symbolize well-being, better contact with the environment and peace. Leaders create certain laws that his subjects must obey.
    In a dream, we are most likely to be successful in playing his role, then we have a guarantee that we ourselves make important decisions, win victories and win wars. However, we must remember that at the same time we make decisions for others, which is not easy and pleasant for everyone. One should be well prepared for each role.
    to see - someone will awe you
    defeat the chieftain - successful implementation of a plan
    kill him - you will start a new stage in your life that will give you more power
    be him - avoid pride
    talk to him - you will get important advice.

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