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Maturing in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Maturing in a dream usually reflects the upcoming changes in the dreamer's life. If the dream has a positive overtone then it can be perceived as a positive sign for the future. puberty had a negative meaning, especially in the case of men, then it portends worries about one's own personal life All dreams of puberty are usually symbolic for the relationship. Puberty in a dream can also mean coming changes, uncertainty and life shocks.
    return to adolescence - heralds a happy and satisfying partnership and a harbinger of positive times
    talking to someone about puberty - means you are worried about it what will happen in the future
    when you are in adolescence - sleep indicates the need for help and support from other people, you probably slowly realize that you are being strangled e everything in itself is not the best solution for you
    when someone is going through puberty - some things will soon get out of your control.

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