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Courgette in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Courgette is a symbol of vitality, beauty, simplicity and life in accordance with the rhythm of nature. The dream interpretation explains that this vegetable may portend positive changes in the way of communicating with a loved one. It is a harbinger of joyful experimentation and an incentive to draw handfuls from moments full of happiness. Sometimes it also foretells in dreams an escape from everyday fears and troubles as well as fun and joy from the small gifts of this world. The zucchini carries a specific message to the people working on the land, in any case heralds them an abundant harvest during the harvest.
    According to reports from the dream book, eating courgette is a health symptom. You should trust a man who wishes you well, distrust enemies and envious and jealous people.
    A spoiled courgette in dreams announces that you will fall out with a loved one who has recently provided you with a lot of stress. Explaining everything will bring no improvement as long as outsiders have a significant influence on you.
    Courgette flowers are a sign of the beginning of new acquaintances and an announcement of establishing valuable friendships for many years, provided that you listen to your own intuition.
    Unripe courgette in dreams means that you will be able to keep your nerves in check in a difficult situation. Only blissful peace can save you from utter ruin and depression.

The meaning of dream: Courgette and the mystical dream book:

    Courgette is a symbol of goodness and productivity without unnecessary splendor. You do not need praise or recognition, you prefer to live in a quiet corner with your family, away from the eyes of curious people.
    The growing courgette is a sign of good hope, a harbinger of a better tomorrow and an encouragement to establish numerous social contacts.
    Eating courgette in a dream in accordance with what the dream predicts foretells the appearance of new, albeit minor health ailments. You need a larger dose of dream and rest to regenerate your own strength and gain full wind in your sails.
    Watering courgette is a sign of love dilemmas and a crisis between partners.
    For sick people, the dream of a courgette is a positive omen, portends recovery and hope for a better future.

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