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Holly in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Holly in dreams, in addition to protection against witchcraft and lightning, is also a symbol of a happy family life. Dream is also a warning against verbal skirmishes that can cause long-term disputes. So if you don't want to have enemies around you, try to keep your mouth shut and think twice about what you want to say.
    see a holly - in a dream it calls to be careful, especially when you expect any kind of stumbling
    the dream of holly leaves - it portends the birth of a better life, it is a sign that bad fate will finally stop haunting you, thanks to which you will rebuild lost relationships with loved ones
    holly flower - is a sign of family happiness and harmony, which together are to contribute to the rebuilding of the once lost balance in life
    planting holly - is a sign of vitality and an influx of positive energy, which is to ensure a happy life for the dreamer
    picking berries from a holly - it is a sign that you will find yourself in the center of a certain matter related to family skirmishes, it will only be up to you what opinion your loved ones will make about you
    touching the holly - means that you will discover the true face of a man who is close to your heart, unfortunately you may be unpleasantly surprised once again.

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