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Cabbage in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cabbage in a dream represents an attitude towards honesty and truth. Alternatively, a dream may refer to imprudent choices or decisions. Try to rethink some of your decisions and think about it whether they were right.
    eat - do not waste your time on trivial things
    see the full garden - purchase a property in at this point, it can cause you more trouble than you think
    cooking - a sign that something in your life is getting boring or irritating
    eat sauerkraut - everything will go your way
    fresh cabbage - long-awaited love will come unexpectedly
    old, withered cabbage - revealing the truth will cause many complications.
    sweet - a field of new possibilities will open up for you
    sauerkraut - to to be successful must do not hesitate to maintain a higher standard of work performed.
    white cabbage - financial matters are looking very well ahead of you
    red cabbage - on your there will be small adversities on the way, but you will manage to overcome them quickly
    shred it - peace, order and harmony will come to your home
    kisić - your irritation may bother others; try to rest and relax a bit anyway
    planting - it bodes prosperity and happiness
    drive through the cabbage field - you deliberately act recklessly or selfishly disregarding generally accepted rules and norms.

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