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Heel (in shoes) in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    They symbolize femininity and glamor. They represent the individual approach of women to their own appearance. The length of the heel usually depends on the individual preferences and preferences of women. The longer the heel in a dream is , the more pressure we feel in life to achieve certain high-flying goals. Heels in a dream also have an erotic meaning.
    to see - someone will severely hurt your feelings
    high heel - you will start to rotate in good company
    low heel - someone will dominate over you
    broken - lack of self-confidence will make someone severely limit your personal development, be careful not to become a victim of oppression
    rubber - because of your gullibility people will start to abuse you excessively
    nail the heel - at the moment you cannot allow mistakes because they can have unpleasant consequences for you
    lose the heel - the announcement of a quarrel among loved ones
    red - you will make someone jealous or ignite a passionate feeling
    heel with an overlay - use the advice of a mature and experienced man
    wear heels - too much self-confidence can lose you.

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